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The ultimate engineering visibility AI assistant and platform

Seamlessly integrated with your existing ecosystem by connecting codebases, communications, and documentation tools all together. Install to your org with a few clicks and immediately upgrade team productivity.

AI generated pull request changelogs

Elessar uses AI to generate standardized changelogs per pull request — saving time and capturing everything.

Notion documentation and weekly reports

Elessar automatically documents in Notion so that codebase progress is easily accessible to everyone.

The only Slack bot you need

Elessar creates a temporary channel per PR with two-way sync, statuses, and AI summaries — improving speed and visibility.

Doc search and changelogs right in your editor

Elessar's VS Code extension makes it easy to search & understand changes without having to sift through diffs.

Integrated issue tracking

Issues, tasks, and metrics from Linear are automatically linked to Elessar channels and integrations.

Personalized daily email digests

Elessar sends daily digests to engineers and managers synthesizing important updates in one place.

Private and Secure

All data is protected by the highest security standards and is encrypted at both transit and rest. Data processed by OpenAI is not used to train or improve OpenAI’s model. Learn more about OpenAI's data usage policy.

Engineers love Elessar and Orgs run infinitely better.

Say goodbye to frustrating back-and-forth, tedious documentation, and missed contributions. With Elessar, everyone can see more, do more, and succeed more.
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What tools does Elessar integrate with?

Elessar currently integrates with GitHub, Notion, Linear, Slack, and Email. Integrations with GitLab, Confluence, JIRA, and more are coming soon!

What level of access does Elessar have to my company’s codebase?

Elessar only has access to pull requests and issues — it does not have access to your actual codebase. Additionally, PR diffs are processed through an encrypted pipeline and are never stored.

How does Elessar keep my company's data private and secure?

Elessar is exclusively built on SOC II compliant policies and infrastructures (GCP) with extensive enterprise-grade security measures. Our partnership with OpenAI and their APIs ensures that processing is solely inference based (your data is not used for training nor stored). For a full walkthrough of our security practices, feel free to reach out via